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“Meet the Press”

During her time at NBC’s Washington Bureau, Grace participated in editorial meetings and pitched ideas for “Meet the Press” and “MTP Daily,” as well as compiling research, transcripts and related materials for producers. She also worked heavily on the digital team, where she produced and edited videos, web stories and daily podcasts. Here is some of her work:

Manafort Trial Package

“Decision 2018”

In New York City, Grace worked on the NBC News Decision Desk. In that role, she tracked more than 200 midterm races to prepare research packets for analytics and editorial teams. She also called hundreds of campaigns to get headshots and verify information to ensure accuracy. On Election Night, she helped call races and look over vote data.

News Specials

Grace also spent time with the News Specials team, helping with their coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and George H.W. Bush Funeral.